Monday, 1 August 2016

Astrology Horoscope Compatibility: Evaluate durability of Your Love Life

The best feeling in one’s life is the feeling of getting in love or getting married. Everybody loves to enjoy this melodious feeling of love life. And to make your love life or married life happy, healthy, tuneful and harmonious one need a right life partner. And to choose a perfect partner, the only thing which you will need is Horoscope compatibility.

In Hindu Astrology, it is known as Kundali Milan. In other words you can also call horoscope compatibility as the horoscope matching, where horoscopes of the future or forthcoming bride and groom are matched. Their Tara, Maitri, Nadi, Vyas, Varna, Yoni, Bhakut, Gana are matched. Which are totally based on matching each attribute (Guna) or quality of girl and boy are kept with each other. Alike these qualities give points. Every quality has highest reachable points. It is simplified as.
  • Highest point of Varna is 
  • Highest attained point of Vyas is 2
  • Highest attained point of Tara 3
  • Highest attained point of Yoni 4
  • Highest attained point of Maitri 5 
  • Highest attained point of Gana is 6
  • Highest attained point of Bhakoot 7
  • Highest attained point of Nadi 8. 
By adding these numbers we get 36. So in the  online Astrology horoscope compatibility check it is compulsory that horoscopes of would be couple should obtain minimum or maximum points without attaining zero. As we see the total numbers are 36, so the maximum obtainable points in horoscope matching are 36. By matching the profiles of boy and girl with horoscope really helps the forthcoming couples to explore whether their coming married life will have physiological wellness, longevity, sexual charisma and physical fitness or not.  You can also explore your love life with the compatibility test on astrology horoscope. You just have to fill up some information like birth details of your partner and then see what result it gives you.

Why Horoscope Compatibility is essential?

We as Indian identify marriage as a hugely unforgettable moment of ones life. And to make your married life meaningful you need an ideal and a smart partner. Therefore, it is always suggested to choose an ideal partner for him and her and should consider Astrology Horoscope Compatibility. We trust that marriage ritual is a promise day for couples. On this day they promise to live with each other together and forever. Harmonious, diplomatic and healthy relationship makes a successful marriage. In contrast, some marriages fail too, when couples are not tuneful with each other, like when they do not understand each other fully and when their thoughts disagree with.  This is because of inappropriateness of their birth charts.


Apparently, everybody wishes to go for a long lasting relationship. To get long lasting benefit Astrology horoscope compatibility is always with you. Main task of the horoscope compatibility is to highlight some several points of couples to know whether they will have a successful married life or not. By the help of this horoscope matching, astrologers are capable in telling some good and some weak points of would be couple to know their success of marriage. So it is strictly advisable that before getting in a relationship or getting married always check your compatibility points with your going to be partner. 

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